Working in Kingston, Jamaica- A short view for the newbie.

The population of Kingston was 662,426 in 2011 according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica. Like most metropolitan cities, Kingston continues to expand. Large and small businesses and service sector companies are continuously on the rise to accommodate the growing population and demands of a modernized society and economy.

Whether you’re a returning resident, an expat, from outside of Kingston or a Kinston native, the first conundrum you will face in Kingston is transportation. Although there are a slew of reliable taxi services, this can get pricey. This will leave you with few options. Drive your own car, depend on route taxis or public transportation. Public transportation is readily available; however the climate and walking distance may be disturbing to some. The pace of traffic will also be bothersome. Plan to spend time on the road; traffic can get heavy at all times of the day.

You’ll also have to find a place to live. You will be able to find temporary locations through websites like AirBnB, which also gets support from the Ministry of Tourism. Annual rentals in Kingston are the norm and there is no lack in availability although prices will vary depending on neighborhood and proximity to amenities like shopping centers, business places and malls. Rental rates can start from between the mid twenty thousand range per month (roughly $200.00 USD) for a one bedroom and can go up exponentially depending on size and location. Location is crucial and you’ll probably want to be close to public transportation, be mindful of this. The Real Estate Board of Jamaica is the authority on regulations and best practices for renters and property ownership in the country.

Lastly, you’ll need a job. will provide you with a wealth of resources for your job search. The Jamaican economy is growing and the jobs market reflects this. There are sectors that are rapidly expanding and they need people. Have a look around and apply, may your next job find you today.