Where You Eat, Work and Play.

Whether you’re a Kingstonian, and islander or an expat, Kingston is the hub of significant activity in Jamaica. With an estimated population of 600,000, the Capital, Kingston is Jamaica largest and most populated city. Many observers will notice the stark differences between neighborhoods in the city and venturing down the wrong street can have dire outcomes.

Where you live will likely be dependent on the salary you have. There are many “uptown” neighborhoods that are safe and quiet but can carry a hefty price. Rental rates can range from $2,000.00 USD per month to well over $5,000.00 USD depending on number of rooms, location and other amenities. Popular uptown locations include:

  • Cherry Gardens
  • Manor Park
  • Norbrook
  • Stony Hill
  • New Kingston
  • Orange Grove
  • Beverly Hills.

Recent years have also seen numerous townhouse complexes and apartments springing up all over Kingston. One reason is the need to economize on space, another is safety. Most compounds will come with 24 hour security. If for nothing else, it’s worth the peace of mind to have someone or a group of people vetting entrants and being aware of the “goings on” at the property.

At the medium income level, one may find a gem in a posh neighborhood or you can get off the hills for more affordable residences. The surrounding areas of the University of The West Indies called Mona, is a safe bet. The Constant Spring, Barbican and the Havendale area can also be reliable sources of safe affordable housing.  Rental rates will vary depending on proximity to amenities.

As with any city, vigilance is important. Be aware of your surrounding wherever you are. Kingston may have a bad reputation for crime and rightly so, but with the economy growing, the Government’s vested interest in investment and job creation, Jamaica’s neighborhoods will flourish. If you’re looking for a new job or career path, Kingston is a great place to start and finish. Where you live is up to you. At the end of the day Kingston is an experience and a great place to live.