The Urban Development Corporation Jobs

Since its inception in 1968, the UDC has successfully changed Jamaica’s most dynamic urban central locations and key rural towns. This has been accomplished while safeguarding the flora and fauna, local cultures and boosting economic activity.

The UDC is the main public sector institution which is in charge of the planning and layout of urban areas in specific public spaces on the island. Additionally, in partnership with other agencies, the organization manages the preparation, administration and execution of urban improvement and rural development projects.

The UDC’s various development projects, has radically enhanced the scope and nature of public infrastructure while modernizing urban living spaces through innovative housing and the improvement of new communities.┬áSince 1968 key projects have been implemented in:

  • Caymanas
  • Hellshire
  • Falmouth (special project area)
  • Ocho Rios
  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Kingston Waterfront

Telephone: (876)-656-8031