The Statistical Institute of Jamaica jobs and career opportunities

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica functions under the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance and Planning. The establishment of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica was made possible through the amendment act of 1984, which enabled the establishment of the institute on April 9 of the same year. The Institute was then officially tasked with all the responsibilities which were previously entrusted firstly to the Bureau of Statistics (founded in 1946) and then to the now defunct Department of Statistics.

The principal responsibilities of The Statistical Institute of Jamaica Institute are:

  • To gather, assemble, break down, conceptualize and distribute measurable business, industrial, social and monetary data and in so doing enabling the identification of the and general state of affairs of the population;
  • To liaise with other public and government agencies to gather, collate and publish quantitative data from a variety of sources;
  • To carry out census in Jamaica;
  • To support efforts to advance and create coordinated social and financial insights relative to Jamaica and to co-manage programs which enable the use of these statistics as stipulated in the Act itself.

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